Elmer & Elvina collage should not be published on the internet

It is a violation of my Privacy Rights.
I will explain in detail in my own new FaceBook Group (not yet created) first quarter 2017.
Some of the reasons are posted in my existing FaceBook groups, but apparently not clearly enough.
I had explained in comments over a year ago, and Gayle deleted my comments.
You may view detailed public information in my “Alvina Kanenwisher and Elmer Roloff” Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1570431909879469/
I have no objection for you to become “friends” on Facebook with my children and grandchildren. They will decide for themselves what they want to share. I will be delighted to send them your Facebook page and a notice that you want to be their friend.
If you need help finding Marie Ann Cheatham’s and her second daughter’s (Johanna) Facebook Page, I will provide the links for them.
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