Influenza — And no, I am NOT getting a flu shot

OMNS Jan 9, 2018) Influenza is upon us early and with severity so we are told. There is the urgent warning to get your flu shot now to avoid being one of 36,000 U.S. deaths every year. This same figure appears every flu season in spite of the CDC admitting, for several clear reasons that the figure is a “guesstimate,” the most prominent being that people don’t die of influenza, per se, but predominately of secondary pneumonia augmented by other underlying health problems. Unfortunately, the CDC gathers its mortality statistics under the category of “pneumonia and influenza”—lumping them together rather than attempting to determine if the pneumonia was a secondary infection due to an immune system weakened by influenza infection. And since the immune system in the very young and old is often sub-par, they are more prone to both the primary and secondary infections.

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