The Problem of Cremator Hours and Incineration Time

“theoretically possible maximum of cremations” and a “theoretically possible minimum of cremations” (861,120 and 215,280). As explained above, the actual number can 6e either one of these figures or any number within this range. In the text, however, the lowest number (215,280) is stated to be the “most probable” number. This was based on the
fact that a 50% duty cycle is “much more” probable than a 100% duty cycle and 2 hours incineration time “much more” probable than 1 hour incineration time, both for technical reasons.
Movie Amen 2002 is about WWII extermination camps.
This inspired me to do some reading about technical issues.
Wikipedia gave some basic numbers.
A thorough detailed analysis can be found at this webpage: