#geraldCelente Transcript from December 17, 2020 podcast

hello hello uh am I allowed to say merry
(Yootoob automatic text)
of course i am merry Christmas happy
holidays whatever your trip is
that’s our office the mohigan that’s
where I work from we have other offices
too on the
four corners but that’s where I work
and I take care of all those plants and
over a hundred my office and we had some
snow today so it’s a beautiful Christmas
day but
no celebrating it’s not allowed
I just heard that little jerk off over
there in
Washington Fauci don’t celebrate
Christmas with your family yeah
you know what they could go to this is
as our cover of this week’s trends
journal shows
it’s satan claus has come to town the
streets are dead
they would be bustling there would be
all kinds of
oh people out having wonderful christmas
parties they’re not allowed anymore
they’re not allowed i’m your governor
i’m governor crap cuomo an arrogant
little boy
like just the rest of them whether it’s
over there in germany whether it’s
sanchez a little boy of nothing
all of these people that want to run for
telling us what to do
gavin the jerk over there
andrews in australia one imbecile
after another
and of course our health exploits
like uh who’s that uh what’s
his what’s her his name over there uh
over there in pennsylvania
rachel rachel levin could you imagine
could you imagine this guy with girl
whoever he is this or that don’t know he
is telling me what to do
with all those chins
lola so it’s christmas time and we’re
celebrating it
you know i had that uh 4th of july
rally for peace and freedom
restore freedom we had about almost
250 people there more
nobody died nobody got the virus
again all the data’s there when you look
at the hard numbers
which it’s at least 40 percent from
elder care homes
and then the rest are mostly elderly
people with pre-existing chronic
and then the other ones are you know
obesity type 2 diabetes we’re number one
we’re number one in obesity anyway
let’s get on to what happened today in
the markets and there’s trends in the
on thursday
december 17 2020.
the dow jones advanced 148 points
the s p and nasdaq composite hit both
and record closing highs hitting
closing highs as everything is closed
you know what that is
what’d you say you got it
it’s artificially propped up
again it’s the great reset the bigs are
getting bigger
and all the small businesses are going
out of business
you’re allowed to go to walmart you’re
allowed to go to costco you’re allowed
to go to target
no social distancing no limitations
but you can’t go to church no
oh the supreme court said now you can
you can’t go to those restaurants
and what the the infection rate is what
the contact
is about what one depending on whose
numbers you’re looking at 1.5 to 3
and they’re locking them down
and what else the reason the markets
went up
a leg higher came amid optimism around
covid vaccines isn’t that great and of
the cheap money that they’re going to be
injecting into the system
about 900 billion dollars jobless claims
again the market hits intraday highs and
uh jobless claims in the united states
885 000 people last week
this is the christmas season when
they’re hiring people
not anymore that’s up they expected 108
000 got these numbers
retail sales fell 1.1 percent
retail sales usually go up during the
holiday season
but we got slimy little
fouchy f you
fouchy telling us what to do
every day they put this little arrogant
clown boy out there
every damn day and nobody else
you’re not only allowed to hear one side
and what else happened gold up 1.5
today wonder why again we forecast this
it’s happening
same with bitcoin we nailed it silver
oil oil hit a nine-month high on the
good news
that uh the vaccinations coming out
when you look at the numbers and retail
from thanksgiving to cyber monday
they’re down 14
j.p morgan chasing companies tracker of
30 million credit card and debit card
holders recorded a 3.5 percent decline
in spending from a year earlier in the
week through
december 12th
the us dollar today hit a two and a half
year low
against the basket of other currencies
the dollar’s trading at multi-year lows
the yuan japanese yen the euro
australian dollar
and again the only one i see going up
for any reason is china
why would the euro go up when things are
so terrible over there
because they’re being artificially
propped up and if you don’t believe me
you think they rigged the markets have i
just met jp morgan chase
remember when they rigged the they got
caught ringing the precious metal
oh yeah we wrote about in the trends
journal and by the way
you know it’s christmas season you want
to give a gift of truth
of freedom of justice of trends you
won’t find
anywhere else any place a magazine
that tells you what’s going on what’s
next and how to prepare for it
your trends journal all they’re talking
about in the moronic media
do you know what happened in 2020 hey
jerk you don’t need to tell me what
happened what’s going to happen next
well we’re not going to tell you what
happens next because we’re prostitutes
we just get paid to put out
we got brains as small as peas we’re the
only magazine that gives you the trends
of the new
year and they’re out now check out the
of your latest trends journal
no the one before that i should say yep
2021 top
10 trends you won’t find this anywhere
so please subscribe do what you can
we’re fighting for freedom
we’re fighting for peace and we’re
fighting for justice
and we’re fighting to give you every
piece of
information that you can use that you
won’t find
anywhere else
now owen powell jerome powell you know
they’re very
optimistic now that they’re going to
keep pumping more cheap money in
so he is strongly saying that there’s a
direct link to wearing masks
and a recovering economy hey
imbecile stupid jerk powell
but you’re allowed to say anything you
want because the prostitutes allow you
to say it
but they ban everybody these stupid
masks that everybody is wearing
these blue pieces of crap are worth
crap all you got to do is read the box
crapsters and it says it on the box
these masks do not eliminate exposure to
the risk
of any disease or infection but
federal reserve reinforces stimulus will
be open
ended to spur recovery so you’re going
to keep seeing more and more
stimulus more and more stimulus means
more and more cheaper currencies more
and more cheaper currencies
mean more and more prices going up on
safe haven assets china powers ahead
with rosy figures for industry and
all right china’s going up everybody
else is going down
oh and their economy is totally opened
again there’s government lockdowns that
people in business out of work and
and and and and the numbers what they’re
doing makes
absolutely no sense all the details are
in your trends journal
how people staying at home do not
bring down the risk and
on and on and on you there’s no magazine
like this one’s over 80 pages
and all the data is there it’s all fact
according to a recent survey 48 percent
of small business owners fear they will
have to shut down permanently
before the end of the year
berlin shops
they’re closing shops children remote
private gatherings are being limited to
two households with maximum five people
they’re making this crap up i see six
hired michael’s six people no celenti
i’m merkel i say five people
how could people take crap from these
crap heads how can they do it
california boxer restrictions rodney
had to shut down five of his seven
restaurants in the bay area
and sales plummeted while he com plied
with corona
california’s lockdown orders
california’s lockdown
crap brought to you by jerks
by imbeciles by slimy little bureau
craps that can’t find another job that
suck up
to get that kind of job i’ve never
broken a law in my life
but i’m in survival he’s letting people
eat outside he doesn’t tell him to leave
the tables out
here’s the deal all you little boys and
you should have started fighting this
when it began again
we have survivalism trends in our trends
by the late brad steiner the number one
close combat man
in america the teacher of my teacher
john perkins
of attackproof.com
when you get in the fight you end it you
wait you don’t wait
cowards wait and then they get beat up
one poll survey asked 2 000 americans
about their experience throughout this
tumultuous year and finds that 77
agree that 2020 has sent the u.s into
oh and on and on and then they have this
thing over here nearly six and 10 people
57 percent
say they do not want to learn more about
how to improve their health
and they do want to learn more about how
to improve their health
and learn more about body’s nutritional
but they don’t know where to start there
i don’t know where to start
i am so darn stupid
that’s why you die in obesity people
type 2 diabetics let me go on with this
62 percent of respondents also shared
they struggled to find the motivation to
try a new routine
64 confess it’s sometime inconvenient
for them
to follow a healthy lifestyle so stay
sick and get
vaccinated because that’s all they’re
check out these covers from the toilet
healing is coming us vaccinations begin
healing since when is the vaccination
and we’ve outlined this story it is
propaganda after propaganda
one piece after another the woman that
they have there
i feel like healing is coming said
sandra lindsay
an intensive care nurse who was among
the first health care workers to be
vaccinated on monday
and look at these pictures one after
they just keep putting them up there
that’s the local paper the daily freeman
healing is coming you are not healed by
a vaccination
you got it
and you look at the data here
it’s uh a lot of nurses don’t want to
get this thing
those are the biggest numbers of people
out there that don’t want to get it
because they fear because they’ve
probably seen enough
but we have little andy cuomo the
arrogant daddies boy
i believe this is a weapon that will end
the war
they keep calling it a war we have
planes trains and automobiles moving
all over the state right now
yep and then they say you need 75 to 85
critical mass the governor said oh the
governor said oh if the governor
said well they like the governor said
you know i mean that
you know if he said hey
let me get this straight if you’re
you’re safe if you wear a mask
you’re safe if i don’t wear a mask
i’m not safe if i don’t wear a vac if i
don’t get vaccinated
i’m not safe that’s my business
so why are you coming up with this crap
that you have to get all these people
when if you’re vaccinated you’re safe
so why are you making this crap
up i know why because you’re cuomo the
the arrogant arrogant boy who keeps
everybody what to do and they all bend
over and take it
you need 75 to 85 critical mass the
governor said
and you have 49 percent of people who
are skeptical
about taking it there’s work to do
and that’s what they’re going to do more
work to do
to shut you up so you are not free
to think for yourself you are not free
to look at the data it’s one newspaper
after another
one hurdle on shot convinced skeptics
now that this is wall street journal
health care workers who are often
required by employers to get flu
shots aren’t fully on board the survey
shows that thirteen thousand
people of the american nurses foundation
found that 36 percent
of nurses in the u.s wouldn’t
take the covet vaccination 34
said they would and 31
were unsure the government has said
the shots will be free they’re not free
they’re not free they stole our tax
all right and they’re giving it to big
pharma not big pharma
big drug dealers that’s who they are
yeah one after another last minute dash
to assure the public of inoculation
one after another they one paper after
mr biden said i want to make
it clear to the public
you should have confidence in this
i should have confidence or you say you
can’t even speak a sentence
without being drugged up
these are first-rate scientists taking
their time
looking at they just rush this thing
through jerk
takers undeterred by side effects
one story after another and they tell
you the side effects
i woke up around midnight freezing said
60 year old retired nurse
for the next 24 hours i had intense
chills serious neck pain
headaches all my joints were aching i
lost about three pounds
then i woke up and felt fine it’s better
36 hours of feeling really rough than
getting covered she said
hey you got it
what’s the recovery rate 99.8 percent
who’s dying from it again all the data’s
there but they keep saying it
trials went well but reassuring old
remains a hurdle they got this big story
of a guy
and they started off he can’t barely see
her here
but 95 year old frank bruno
says he volunteered for the modern
clinical trial
only because his nephew was doing so
and he goes on to say
i’m pretty darn fair frail when you get
right down to it
you know if my mother was alive she’d be
about 130
and i would recommend the shot for her
what do i got to believe what this guy
says i just can’t understand he said
why people are afraid maybe because
they’re smarter than you
maybe because they could read and write
and think for themselves
but this is the crap a full crap
piece in the toilet paper record it’s
after another twitter to remove tweets
that spread lies about covet vaccine
to remove tweets that spread harmful
that doesn’t agree with the scum
the law but that that doesn’t agree with
the drug lords
let’s end it right there with what
they’re saying
and then finally as we wrap it up cnn
and nbc
ponder life after trump people at both
know that viewers who abhorred president
may no longer need their nightly therapy
sessions with rachel maddow
or don lemon
therapy sessions all right
that’s why you subscribe to the trends
that’s why we’re we’re not giving you it
oh i’m gonna make you feel good i’m as
dumb as you
are oh celenti calm down
calm down your
businesses are going bankrupt people are
living in poverty
they’re making up crap and destroying
and people tune on to this crap
what’s that we used to that that trends
journal we did with
uh the crap brainwashed brainwashed with
there you go there you go
and they say it out loud therapy
therapy for gutless little cowards
new york police department aides to corp
soaring gun violence
let’s see in the city it’s only gone up
uh papa 96
rise same time last year
the chief said identifying shooters has
been complicated
by the widespread use of masks
and estimated that 95 of perpetrators
wore them in shootings
all right we said all this was going to
happen this
is not new it’s new now for people who
can’t see the future
and the media can’t see anything and
they only do what they want to do
you heard about the former aide that
accused cuomo
of sexual harassment
the former aide to governor cuomo this
past sunday accused him of sexual
i could never anticipate what to expect
if he went on to say
anyway how where’s me too was me too got
how come they’re not going after cuomo
what’s wrong
it shows you how rigged the whole damn
thing is
yeah all they’re doing is selling fear
they have a big story in
in yahoo about this 19 year old girl
that went out and bought this is the top
story she went out and bought um
to starbucks to taste their new coffee
and and
she couldn’t taste it and she got
big story well she recovered right away
yeah you know what the recovery rate is
for people 1 to 20
they’re selling us fear they’re selling
us hysteria
but they give you therapy therapy
for the mentally ill and we have the
mentally ill
the deranged running a city state
and country near you this
is christmas time it’s time to celebrate
freedom peace and justice and i’m a
warrior for the prince of peace
and no one anywhere any place
is going to stop me from celebrating
so merry christmas happy hanukkah happy
whatever your
religion is whatever you believe in
believe in what you wish
and be free to be who you are this is
gerald celente
and that’s some of today’s trends in the
the kovit 19 war has changed the world
but who’s prepared what’s next it’s in
your trends
journal trends journal subscribers are
subscribe to the trends journal read
history before it happens
from the world leader in trend

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