Greece Boondocking, free camping

Information about “Boondocking Greece” Google MyMaps.

From Peejays Greece Stopovers, layers Mainland and Pelopeneese.
I looked at most sites using Google Street Maps. Difficult to reach and undesireable sites were removed. All Pelopeneese layer sites were looked at. Not all Mainland sites were looked at. The Icon for looked at sites is the Tent or Parking icon with a different color. The camper icon did not transfer with the export/import. The Tent icon does not mean Tent camping is allowed. You can identify these sites by their description with coded author and date between asterisks. Example: *pj2014*.

From CAMPERCONTACT Motorhome parkings Greece,
I looked at FREE sites using Google Street Maps and added interesting sites. Nov 20, 2017

I looked at Stellplatz sites using Google Street Maps and added interesting sites.

From VANTASTIC videos on youtube, where I could locate the parking place, I added it with an exclamation point “!” at the end of the name. VANTASTIC did not provide GPS coordinates, so in most cases I could not find the parking place.

Another nice writeup available as a PDF file is “Camper Van-Site-Guide for the Epirius-Ioannina region. I added interesting free sites to the map.

I discovered another very nice information site written by a motorhome, traveller & photographer. It nicely includes GPS coordinates for most places. (This was added November 28, 2017).

While looking at the sites in Google Maps I looked at nearby attractions and added interesting ones to the “Attractions, Greece” layer. I will update this layer later after I visit sites.

I will update sites after I visit them.

Meters above sea level was added using a number followed by semicolon before the Name. This is useful for the colder season if you want to avoid high ground. It will be useful for the warmer season if you are looking for cooler areas. Google Earth was used to get the elevation.

I haven’t looked at the Pay sites in yet. They might be useful for locating sites that are accessable during the off season.

I also created a spreadsheet of most of these sites, ordered by time added. Use the GPS coordinates to search the Google Map as the quickest way to locate them. I will update this as new information is added to the map.

Last update was November 28, 2017