NORWAY Oslo Bombing and Utøya Island Shooting

2011 Norway attacks (from wikipedia) (the official story, summary).

After watching Ole Dammegards documentary I do not believe the official story that one lone wolf did the Oslo bombing and shooting on the Utøya island.

Official story: The 2011 Norway attacks, referred to in Norway as 22 July (Norwegian: 22. juli)or as 22/7, were two sequential lone wolf domestic terrorist attacks by Anders Behring Breivik against the government, the civilian population, and a Workers’ Youth League (AUF) summer camp, in which 77 people were killed.

Oslo Norway government building after explosion 22 July 2011

The first attack was a car bomb explosion in Oslo within Regjeringskvartalet, the executive government quarter of Norway, at 15:25:22 (CEST). The bomb was placed inside of a van next to the tower block housing the office of the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. The explosion killed eight people and injured at least 209 people, twelve severely.

Utøya Island

The second attack occurred less than two hours later at a summer camp on the island of Utøya in Tyrifjorden, Buskerud. The camp was organized by the AUF, the youth division of the ruling Norwegian Labour Party (AP). Breivik, dressed in a homemade police uniform and showing false identification, took a ferry to the island and opened fire at the participants, killing 69 and injuring at least 110, 55 seriously. Among the dead were friends of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and the stepbrother of Norway’s crown princess Mette-Marit.

2015-09-19 Ole Dammegard When Terror Struck Norway.

Presented at the 2015 Open Mind Conference.
Length: 2 hours 27 minutes.
Language: English.

Ole Dammegard

Chapter One — Blow up the government

He followed Timothy McVeigh’s example of a fertilizer bomb in a truck.

Time at the beginning of a line is hour:minute:seconds from the beginning of the video.

27:00 Anders parked the van with 950 KG bomb next to the govt 15-floor building. Anders got out of the van wearing a police uniform, helmet and holding a pistol and walked away.
27:24 The govt security camera stopped working before the bomb exploded in the van.
(Lady Diana — 14 cameras in and around the tunnel did not work when she died in the car accident.)
(Pentagon — all cameras didn’t work to show the Boeing 757 hit the building.)
Somehow he had a remote control to blow up the bomb.
29:24 Anders walked on the street in police uniform holding a pistol.
29:56 There were no people on the street or in the buildings at 3:22 PM, Friday.
31:50 The explosion affects the front side of the building.
32:03 There are no people hurt in the video.
35:45 Officially thousands of people ran away.

After 9/11 “they” learned that “mothers” are relentless as pushing for answers, so “they” stopped killing people. They only simulated it.

37:39 Crisis actors were employed. Reused same actors because the need to have as small a group as possible.
39:00 “They” kill unimportant real people because they need that for credibility.
39:30 “They” also need to control the impact of the story.
40:14 The Wollidge beheading, The English soldier that was beheaded. Very badly performed.
40:31 A nearly identical things happened within 24 hours in Paris, which got the response that they wanted.
41:00 Injured/dead women and children have the biggest effect.
41:27 On one side of the govt building you had real victims and on the other side you had crisis actors.
42:03 Things not matching up with the official story.
42:37 The Crater under the truck bomb was not there in the first photos.
43:52 Later a rectangular hole appeared, which looked like it was made with a digging machine.
44:40 The Oil and Energy Department, far away from the bomb was on fire. Other offices were not on fire.
45:09 When the fire brigade arrived they starting moving cars out of the way, which was not necessary.
45:35 Just because they have a uniform do not believe who they are.
46:01 There was a lot of smoke over Oslo.
46:44 A woman made a video of a man running out of one of the buildings. ( and Foto: Johan Christian are overlay on the video.)
47:16 A woman is talking and video overlay “Reporter: KRISTIN MEHLUM” is shown.
47:31 We don’t know who is the man running and we don’t know why the woman is running after him filming him with a camera.
48:02 No sound from the bomb.
50:00 The office windows were blown outward instead of inward. The explosion should have blown the windows inward.
52:14 Why were there almost no people around?
52:38 There were road blocks.
53:24 See what did not happen.
54:45 The fire brigade was 130 meters away from the burning office. All of the garage doors could not be opened because of the explosion 130 meters away. The two fire trucks that were out of the garages couldn’t go to the burning office either for some unknown reason.
55:20 There were only 4 or 5 police officers on duty in central Oslo. Two of them were guarding the US and Israeli Embassies.
55:55 The police’s alarm-PC was turned off.
56:07 The police had to go without weapons because a few weeks before this happened the police in Oslo had been asked to turn in all their weapons and gear and it was in a locker in the main police station. It was only allowed to be opened when there are two officers there. Unfortunately, they were on holiday.
56:47 The mobile network stopped working.
57:54 The police had to communicate by fax.
58:16 Police helicopter crews had been given an extended vacation, to save money on the budget.
59:55 A Drill is always happening right before or during the event. They need to get vehicles, explosives, crisis actors in position and close off the roads.
1:00:30 There were several drills in the area before the explosion. One of them finished 22 minutes before the explosion.
1:01:38 A TV crew starts filming and they meet three military men who pick up an electric wire off the pavement.
1:02:26 Military men wave at the camerman to go away.
1:02:55 Strange vehicles in non-parking space.
1:03:33 Zero non-military people around.
1:04:14 The “MP” shoulder “sign” is not standard for the Norway MP.
1:04:43 These soldiers were later interviews in the “soldier newspaper”. These might be real soldiers.
1:07:05 Seconds after the explosion
1:07:25 A man is calmly standing on the sidewalk and looking at his phone and watching down the street. Probably a military coordinator.
1:10:52 These people look like crisis actors.
1:11:35 Woman with a name tag and walkie talkie came on the street and told the people to not film there. The uniform is not a standard Norway type. Unknown person.
1:12:14 Very few people around in Central Oslo.
1:12:35 There is a plastic fence along the whole street. “They” love road work diversion. “They” can hide their people and things behind them and people will not pay attention.
1:15:16 Crisis Actors – The New Trend.
1:16:10 Drills are required in the schools. Pretending that a person with a rifle has come into the school and started shooting people.
1:16:36 The Miracle Woman. On the front of the building, where the bomb exploded.
1:18:15 Cover Girls of Terror.
1:18:54 A severe cut on her face but she didn’t mess up her hair.
1:19:17 Thirty centimeter spike sticking out of her head.
1:20:22 Ambulance Available – Took the bus.
1:21:30 They stop a bus and put the wounded people on it.
1:22:34 The bus was escorted by an ambulance to make sure they were okay.
1:23:20 60 – 70 stitches in the face.

CHAPTER TWO – The Beautiful Auf-Island

Utøya Island

1:33:35 Used by the Labor Party – AUF. It is about an hour’s drive northwest of Oslo.

1:34:07 There were 550 Teenagers on the island that summer. Mostly between 14 and 17 years old.
1:37:17 Anders shot the security man and woman leader in the back in front of many teenagers.
1:37:18 Anders randomly shot people for more than one hour.
1:40:01 Teenagers called police on their mobile phones saying Anders was shooting people. Unfortunately, the police didn’t believe them. Police told them to call their parents who should call the police. The mobile phone network became overloaded and most calls did not get through.
1:41:07 The police were annoyed at being called.
1:41:10 Police units in Baerum and Drammen were not used.
1:41:30 One of the special ops cars had a dead battery.
1:41:59 The Infamous MS Thorbjorn ferry was previously used by the military and had armored plating.
1:42:48 The leader of the political party, Eskil Pederson, hijacked the ferry and sailed it north instead of going to the normal landing where the police could get on and go to the island. Nine people got on the ferry.
1:43:42 They did not try to rescue the people swimming in the water.
1:44:14 The ferry lost propulsion and drifted.
1:44:35 They drove the ferry north and crashed it on the shore so that it could not be used. They went to Herneforsh Police station and stayed for five hours. The police could not transport them back because they didn’t have a car.
1:45:45 There was a police helicopter crew available with a sniper who could have shot Anders, but some unknown person told them to “stand down”.
1:46:24 Phone calls were diverted to the wrong police station.
1:46:43 The Bell 720 helicopters from the Rygge squadron at the military base nearby were without fuel.
1:47:07 They were delayed for more than one hour.
1:47:13 The Delta Teams – NATO – came, but they missed the ferry landing and went to a campsite 800 meters north.
1:48:34 Delta Teams drove north 8.3 km looking for a boat, although many campers had private boats and were rescuing swimmers.
1:49:41 Ten Delta Team members get into one rubber boat and go south.
1:49:57 The boat starts to take in water and kills the engine.
1:50:18 A Normal boat comes to rescue the Delta Team and they switch boats.
1:50:31 They split into two boats and go south.
1:50:45 One of the Delta Team accidentally held down the SEND button on the police radio so that channel was blocked.
1:51:41 Anders dials 112 and the leader of the Delta Team answered (very lucky). He said that he wants to surrender.
1:52:50 Anders makes a 2nd call and asks if he can surrender to Delta Team. How did he know the name of the Delta Team?
1:53:16 Delta Team arrived on the island in two boats.
1:53:25 Delta Team splits into two teams and go in different directions.
1:53:45 Anders calmly surrenders.
1:54:22 The man arrested on the island looks different from the man put in jail under arrest.
1:54:39 The shooting continued 5 to 7 minutes after Anders was arrested.
1:54:57 Un-identified Black Helicopters? Often related to CIA or MOSSAD.
1:55:45 Multiple Shooters?
1:56:54 Confusion. Lone crazy guy or military operation.
2:00:35 Very rare ammunition. Only used for special operations? Vermint Silver tip. Causes maximum damage to the body.
2:01:49 Pathologists had trouble counting the bodies: 86, 69, 77.

2:02:43 The parents were not given the autopsy reports.
2:02:50 Three families were told that their child had drowned, but when they opened the coffin there were bullet holes in the body.

2:17:09 Members of the Bilderberg Group – it is part of the world shadow govt.
2:18:07 Agenda 21 is pure madness.
2:24:10 What to do?

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