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  1. MarieC says:

    My Facebook Friends
    Andrea Brooks (andrea.brooks.549)
    Andy Lanterman (andy.lanterman)
    Ann Corlett (ann.corlett)
    Carla Louise Brannan (carla.l.brannan)
    Cassandra Baty (SimplyKasi)
    Cathy Maygra (cathy.maygra)
    Craig Baldwin (craig.baldwin.311)
    David Maygra (dmaygrad)
    Debbie Salter Craton (debbie.saltercraton)
    Dennis Noonan (dennis.noonan.37)
    Dianne Sadewasser (dianne.sadewasser)
    Donna Cayton (donna.cayton)
    Glenda Nerton (glenda.nerton)
    Holly Glavin (holly.glavin)
    Jacqueline Lee (jacqueline.lee.121398)
    Jessica Lanterman (jessica.lanterman.7)
    Jevi Diamond (jevi.diamond)
    John Ramsey (john.ramsey.9404)
    Joyce Chapman (joyce.chapman.104)
    Joyce Danielson (jodie32danielson)
    Julie Barron McKee (julie.b.mckee)
    Julie Wright (profile.php?id=100007252020247)
    Karla Chrislock (karla.chrislock)
    Kevin McLaughlin (kevin.mclaughlin)
    Lynda Searcy (lynda.searcy.1)
    Katie Glasgow Ayers (katie.g.ayers)
    Kristie Benson (kristie.benson.33)
    Maggie [Magdalene] McRae (magdalenemcrae)
    Marika Minczeski (marika.minczeski)
    Melissa Maygra-Wilson (melissa.maygrawilson)
    Pam Moore [Davis] (pam.moore001)
    Mona Hagen Rominger (mona.hagenrominger)
    Peggy Plambeck Minnich (ppminnich)
    Rachel Wyckoff (rachel.wyckoff)
    Robin Claudson (robin.claudson)
    Sheridan Rainier-Cheatham Lake (Sherber420)
    Sonja Hanchar (sonja.hanchar)
    Stacy Benack (stacy.benack)
    Sunshine Adams- Toledo (sunshine.adamstoledo)
    Susan Cowdrey (susan.cowdrey.509)
    Tammy Chapman McLaughlin (tammy.c.mclaughlin.5)
    Tim Lanterman (lanterma)
    Verla Rayburn (verla.rayburn)

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