2014-05-28 ATV Adventure

2014-05-28 18-20-52 yamaha grizzly upside down IMG_1055 s

2014-05-29 wrist annotatedA very small fracture. My wrist is swollen and painful.

May 30, 2 days later

My ATV crashed into a rock and flipped back over front, throwing me in the air for a 270 degree forward flip landing on my back next to the ATV when I tried to make a controlled descent of a very, very steep hill. I have severe bruises on my lower back and the expected pain to go with it. I only have one small fracture on the end of my radius bone next to my wrist. It could have been much worse. I was unconscious for a short time and when I woke up I felt great pain. I didn’t move for a while, and I told the three people who came to me from a short distance not to move me. I didn’t how how badly I was hurt, and moving me could have hurt me more.

When I woke up I heard Eli screaming from the distrance “David, David”. She told me that she saw me flying through the air after the crash. I didn’t remember that. The impact on my head erased that memory.

After a while I was able to move with small pain and determined that I could walk and move everything.

No bones were broken. There is a smaller bruise on the back up my right leg. I could have easily landed on my head and broken my neck. I was lucky this time

I made two major mistakes. 1. I drove in a place with tall vegetation so I could not see the hole in the ground, and 2. I didn’t dismount on the high side and let the ATV roll down the hill by itself. I thought I could make a controlled descent by turning down the hill, but it was just too steep and there was another hidden rock in the vegetation. I only had a second to make my decision, and it was the wrong one.

What I like about Bulgaria is I went to the emergency room of the hospital the next day, and they took three xrays, and I had a consultation with a doctor who looked at the xrays and did a physical exam on me, and it only cost me $20.00.

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