The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

Text from Mark Passio’s Presentation

The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=ZSqBNGxLiAs (remove spaces for the link)

The following text is from the slides that he showed at his talk.

Classical Feminism vs Neo-Feminism
  • Classical = equality for both genders in Natural Human Rights;
  • Women should receive the same pay for the same work;
  • No Patriacry or Matriarchy;
  • Cooperation between genders.
  • Neo-Feminism = Additional “Rights” for Women over Men;
  • Attempts to equate genders in all aspects, not just Rights;
  • Matriarchy should replace the current “Patriarchy”.
  • Neo-Feminism is an act of War — Neo Feminism is a program of Social Engineering (Mind Control) which is specifically targeted at women in order to incite a war between the sexes in a divide-and-conquer strategy.
  • The long-term goal of this manipulated Gender War is to weaken both genders to such an extent that it becomes much easier for the entrenched ruling class to subjugate both men and women under their world-wide system of totalitarian control.

There is no bigger dialectical divide than men vs. women. Since it is the only division in humanity that is split exactly 50/50, the social engineers have specifically focused their efforts on cultivating this gender war because, through it, they can create maximum societal tension, instability and chaos.

Why specifically target women?

Since women possess the capability of influencing men, most men will adjust their attitudes and behaviors to conform to women’s likes and preferences. Therefore, if the rulling class can influence the minds of most women, the men and children of a society will ultimately follow.

Additionally, women ultimately control at a biological level the human procreation process by way of their control over the selection of males with whom they choose to reproduce. Taking both of these factors into consideration, it is women who ultimately decide which traits and characteristics are passed down to future generations of humanity.

The “Inauthentic woman”, or the socially-engineered woman, is being, above all else, culturally conditioned to no longer be attracted to any of the qualities of an Authentic Man. Such qualities include:

  • high holistic intelligence,
  • true confidence and high self-esteem,
  • being very vocally opinionated,
  • having very masculine features and an overall masculine look,
  • independence,
  • a rebellious attitude toward “authority,” and
  • placing very high value on individual Freedom.

Such traits are, of course, seen as highly dangerous to the goals of the ruling class, who wish especially to see society produce weakened men, since weakened, emasculated men are very unlikely to resist The State, while strong, independent men are more likely to resist its control.

Princess Programming.

The Inauthentic Woman has been socially engineered to want to be placated, revered and pampered. Princes Programming is huge in Western culture and starts at a very early age. Through this programming, young women are often taught to value only what can be gained for themselves through relationships with men, to see only men who can “provide for them,” to place paramount importance on their own physical appearance to “lure” a male, to devalue the importance of their own intelligence, to seek money as their main value system, and even to think that “no man is good enough” for them.

Motivation: Security.

The search for security in a man with money, or the desire to be simply “taken care of” by someone else in an integral part of the ego-gratification, Me-Me-Me mindset. Very few want to see and admit the truth regarding this. Most men are also in this manipulated mindset. The realization that death lurks around every corner is the state of Reality that the Authentic Man and Authentic Woman live in at all times.

Equating Money with Value

The Inauthentic Woman is socially engineered to perceive money as the primary value system in human life. This general mindset postulates that something is only worth doing if money is being made by doing it. In reality, nothing could be further from the Truth. This is one of the primary reasons that Art, Music, Poetry and especially Philosophy are so drastically de-emphasized in modern society, and even frowned upon as something you choose to do only “if you want to starve”.


When the Inauthentic Woman meets a man for the first time, the first and foremost question that she asks is: “What do you do for a living?” Why is it not: “Do you know the difference between right and wrong behavior?” Hypergamy, or “marrying upward” is a learned behavior that is entirely about the search for security in a man with a high monetary income.

Rampant Consumerism

Women largely drive the world’s corporate economy, being responsible for over 85% of total purchases of all goods and services according to corporate and consumer advocacy studies. This is not only well past the natural expected median, but it is ridiculously skewed, and it shows just how much corporate advertising is completely geared toward the manipulation of women, their purchasing power, and their power to influence societal trends.

Equality VS. Sameness

The Neo-Feminist Agenda continually reinforces the notion that women are the same as men, not just having equal rights as men, but the same in characteristics and abilities as well. This was one of the main techniques used to influence women to join the corporate workforce, which removed them from their traditional roles as nurturers of the young.

Children were then largely turned over to the State-run indoctrination system in public schooling in order to shape their beliefs and destroy their health and morals. Abandonment issues are also created in children through parents being absent from them during the 15,000 hours of compulsory schooling they endure.