Putin Helped Trump Get Elected

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, Friday, July 7, 2017, in Hamburg. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

I am amazed by this information about how Putin (Russia) helped Donald Trump get elected as the 2016 US President. The following is the transcript, with a few grammatical and punctuation errors. I extracted the text from an automated transcript produced by YouTube and added punctuation to separate sentences. I may have made some mistakes.

Begin transcript:

It’s November 8, 2017, and so we are one year
out from the Magnificent Russian cyber
victory over the United States known as
the presidential election of last year.
we are a hundred years and one day out
from the Bolshevik Revolution which is
the last time that Russia exerted
influence on this scale around the world.
were also about a year out from when I
wrote the twenty lessons that became on
tyranny so what I thought I would do
today is talk a little bit about what we
now know a year later that reflects upon
or expands upon or helps us the
importance of lesson number 19 which is
be a patriot. so what I’d like to do in
the next few minutes is remind us of
what we know about the Russian cyber war
against the United States that led to
the election of Mr. Trump as a way to
help us keep the Daily News in
perspective because the daily news is
abundant. its partisan it can be
overwhelming but there is a broader
picture and I think the broader picture
basically has three parts. the first part
is understanding Mr. Trump as a kind of
political fiction himself. now he’s a man
who produces a lot of political fiction
which can distract us from I think the
more essential issue which is that he
himself is a political fiction. what do I
mean by that? I mean there is no such
person as far as we know. anyway as
Donald Trump successful businessman that
is a political fiction which has been
brought to us the idea that we should
elect Donald Trump president United
States because he’s a successful
businessman is a fiction which was
deliberately generated.

how in fact again
as far as we know our opinions might
change if we had access to Mr. Trump’s
tax returns which we don’t but as far as
we know on the basis of reporting Mr.
Trump is a spectacularly failed
businessman. someone who had billions of
dollars to dozens of banks who was
uncredited who was a multiple bankrupt.
Mr. Trump is someone who is then rescued
by a series of licensing deals which
involved mysterious or I should say
less mysterious Russian sources of cash.
the infusions of Russian cash in the 90s
and the 2000s allowed Mr. Trump to
present himself as something which he
was not which is a successful
businessman. he played the character of
successful businessman on television so
that’s a double fiction. he never really
was a successful businessman and then on
television he played the character of a
professional businessman that fictional
character was then delivered to us or
brought to us with the help of the
second thing that I want to talk about
which is the cyber war. so if you are a
cyber warrior your dream scenario and
everyone else’s nightmare scenario is
the thing called cyber to physical. that
is to say you do something online. you do
something digitally and the thing you do
online, the thing you do digitally changes
the real world. just a few years ago this
was a scenario which only existed in
manuals this is now something that
happens unfortunately rather abundantly
in real life. it’s happened to the
Ukrainian electricity grid. it’s happened
to a factory in Germany. it’s happened in
a number of other places. the most
dramatic example of cyber to physical is
the delivery of the fictional character
Donald Trump into the Oval Office. how
does that work? well the first way that
it works, the first technique which we
can now see more clearly than we could a
year ago is what I would call divided
and fool. that is you use Facebook. you
use Google. you use Twitter to divide
Americans to make Americans angry at
each other and along the way you prefer
one candidate to another candidate. or an
important thing here this started in the
middle of 2015 the Russian divide in
full campaign started the middle of 2015
which means that the Russians were not
just preferring Mr. Trump to Mrs.
Clinton, they were actually preferring
Mr. Trump to the field of Republican
candidates. in other words they weren’t
just trying to choose the president
United States they were first trying to
choose the Republican nominee. the second
cyber tactic or the second way that use
cyber war is the mass of bots. it is
abundantly clear and is becoming ever
clearer by the day
that much of what we encounter when
we’re on Twitter or on Facebook when
we’re on other platforms is delivered to
us by robots, very often from beyond the
borders of the United States. this is
incredibly important because when we sit
in our homes in front of our computers
looking at our screens reading what we
think is our news we assume that it’s in
some in some way it is ours. that was
produced by Americans. it has maybe
Democrat or Republican it may be right
or left it may have some kind of a spin
but we assume that what we see when were
tucked away in our homes in this country
is in some sense American. but much of it
is not. it is basically at this point
inconceivable if you use the Internet in
2016 that you are not exposed to a piece
of information or misinformation which
was designed to manipulate you. this
is something that we have to get clear
on because it has to do with our own
habits and how we choose to look at the
world. the third thing had happened which
was a bit clearer last year which is
worth remembering is the timed hacks and

there were two of these which were
extremely important the first was the
hack of the DNC which then allowed
the Russians to drop the
Democratic National Committee
emails right at the time the Democratic
National Convention. right at the time
which was the worst possible time for
the Democratic Party. the second example
of this was the timed drop of Mr.
Podesta’s emails half an hour after the
Access Hollywood tape was released in
which Mr. Trump said things that I won’t
repeat about how women can and should be
treated thirty minutes after that tape
was released emails about the Democrats
were then released. that’s not a
presidential campaign. that’s what it’s
like to run a presidential campaign when
a foreign intelligence service is at
your back. so those were the three major
techniques. the divide in full the mass
army of robots and then the timed email
drops. and by way of those things Russia
was supporting that a particular human
being a fictional character. in fact, Donald
Trump becomes president United States.

what does this mean? this is the third
point that I want to say what we have
experienced. what we are experiencing I
think, what we want
to look at and see directly before we go
any further here is a breach in the
sovereignty of the United States of
America. it is not a normal situation to
have a foreign power be in the position
to materially influence the outcome of a
presidential election. now I’m happy to
accept it’s possible he could have won
without their help, although it’s hard
for me to see how since he wouldn’t have
existed without their help. but I admit
it’s theoretically possible. but in the
real world that we are living in he did
in fact win with an awful lot of help
and this is a material breach in the
sovereignty of the United States of
America which is something you ought to
care about regardless of what you think
about Mr. Trump personally. although
again I think it’s hard to think about
him as a person since the Mr. Trump that
we’ve been delivered is actually a
fictional character. in any event how can
we see this as a threat to American
sovereignty? there’s one easy
trick which is to move from cyber and to
ask for a moment about the people. the
cyber war, the delivery of this fictional
character is the main story, but let’s
look at the people who are clustering
around. who were the people who were
actually involved in Mr. Trump’s

who were the people who have
followed him to the White House? it is
astounding how many of them are more
directly connected to the Russian
Federation than the United States. these
are basically white guys with American
accents so we look at them and we see
Americans but they’re basically people
whose connections with the Russian are
much thicker and more important their
connection with the United States.
consider his foreign policy team Mr.
Papadopoulos who is now pled guilty to
lying to the FBI about his connections
with Russia. Mr. Page
who is now admitted to Congress that he
tried to help Russia influence the Trump
campaign and vice versa Michael Flynn
who was paid by the Russian propaganda
center RT and later had to resign. this
is this is the foreign policy team. in
the present Secretary of State Mr.
Tillerson, we sometimes forget that he
was given the order of friendship
personally by Mr. Putin.
if we move from there to the campaign
staff, it’s astonishing. Paul Manafort who
has now been indicted for conspiracy
against the United States. Paul Manafort
is a serial rescuer
of dictators. he is a man who took a
multi-million dollar contract in the
2000s to soften up American democracy
for Russian influence. he is a man who
understood according to his own emails
understood his role as Trump’s campaign
manager as the possibility to get out
from under personal financial debts to a
Russian oligarch when he leaves and Mr.
Bannon comes. we then have the
replacement of one person with one kind
of pro-Russian allegiances with someone
who admires Russia ideologically.

Bannon thinks that Russia’s in favor of
sovereignty which is either maliciously
wrong or simply naive. Russia’s and Frey
is in favor of Russian sovereignty. it’s not
In favor of the sovereignty of the
United States of America. and
interestingly the far right so-called
all right people that Mr.
Benin promoted on Breitbart, whether it’s
Richard Spencer or whether it’s Matthew
Hein Bach. these are all people who
regard Russia as the savior of the
United States, as the savior of the white
race and of the United States. so you
move from one kind of pro-Russian
attitude towards another kind of
pro-Russian attitude and of course it
doesn’t stop there it just keeps going.
our Commerce Secretary is somebody who
served on a bank in Cyprus
which is a major place where the
Russians laundered money. our
Transportation Secretary is the wife of
someone the Senate Majority Leader who
Doubted that there was a Russian
campaign and thereby helped help that
Russian campaign.

this just goes on and
on and on. now I mentioned the people
just because the people are a clue. it is
unusual to have a president of the United States
come to power surrounded by people who
are closer to a foreign power than they
are to our own country. that’s what’s
happened but it’s only a clue to the
major development. the major development
is and by the way everyone around the
world sees this. we’re just blind to it
because we’re on the inside. the major
development is that our sovereignty
has been violated. we are now a half
sovereign country and we have to start
the process of repair from there which
Leads me to the thought which I want to
leave you with which is that this I
think is a trial for all American
political parties. it’s a trial for the
Democrats because the Democrats lost.
it’s a trial for the Republicans because
Republicans now have to ask themselves
is it right and proper that a foreign
power chooses, favors materially, affects
the selection of our candidate for
president United States and if our
candidate wins thanks to the help or at
least with the help of a foreign power
how do we react to that the worrying
thing is that partisanship can trump
that’s the worrying thing. if we look
back in 2016 there are signal moments
where the enmity repeat between
Republicans and Democrats opened a flank
which invited Russian attack.

the fact that Republicans for example refused to
confirm the Supreme Court nominee named
by the Democratic President was noticed,
to put it mildly. that’s an
in Russia the fact that Mr. Ryan
when confronted by a fellow Republican
who thought that Trump was paid by
Russia said let’s keep that in the
family. let’s not talk about that.
that was notice to put it mildly in
Russia. when the Senate Majority Leader
in September in conversation with the
heads of US intelligence agencies says I
don’t believe that Russia is actually
doing this again to put it mildly that
was noticed by Russia. partisanship, the
idea that the other party is a bigger
problem than foreign adversaries, that
opens a huge flank that makes American
sovereignty vulnerable in a way that it
hadn’t been before. so Republicans now I
think have had a year of
material. a year of time to do some
soul-searching because for all of us
regardless of our positions on other
policy questions it seems to me that it
ought to be the fundamental issue is the
United States a sovereign country or not.
are we in fact living in a sovereign
country are we doing the things that we
need to do to defend our independence.
that comes first. after that we then
disagree about policy. after that we
heard we’re free to disagree about
policy but in a year after the
Russian cyber victory it seems to me
that we still have a lot of
soul-searching to do about the loss of
American sovereignty.

now is it all the Russians fault why were we
so vulnerable to this? that’s a
discussion that I’ve just begun. there
are a lot of reasons why the United
States was vulnerable and when I have a
chance to do this kind of session again
that’s what I’m going to talk about next.
the thing the ways that it’s our fault.
the ways that we opened ourselves up. the
ways that we made ourselves susceptible
and vulnerable. those are things that we
can do something about when I have a
moment I’m going to talk about that next

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