COVID-19! Cure Exists – Cheap, Proven, and Effective.

C0VlD-l9! Cure Exists – Cheap, Proven, and Effective.
Is there a rescue from the perfect storm of stupidity?
2020-03-23 Prof. Lachezar Avramov
(Google Translation from Bulgarian. See link to Bulgarian version at the bottom. Вижте връзката към българската версия в долната част)

Professor Lachezar Avramov is a Ph.D. Creator of the Biophotonics Laboratory at the BAS Institute of Electronics and the National Center for Biomedical Photonics. He is the author and co-author of more than 200 scientific publications in the fields of biophotonics, quantum electronics, optical spectroscopy, photobiology, biophysics, radio electronics, nanomedicine. He has managed more than 50 scientific projects with universities, scientific institutes and industrial partners from the UK, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, India and others. He is the only Bulgarian scientist nominated for the EU Descartes Prize for Excellence in Cancer Photophysics.

We are in a state of war against an invisible enemy! – mainly politicians, police officers and other fans of the “hard hand” and unlimited power are blowing.

They are united mainly by a lack of knowledge of virology, epidemiology and economics. But members of the leadership of the Bulgarian Medical Association also sing to this choir, such as Dr. Assen Medzhidiev, who works as an “Internet volunteer” at Second City Hospital. Even the position of Chief of Staff of the epidemic, General Mutafchiiski, is suspiciously dynamic. On March 8, he claimed – there was no reason to panic, patients with confirmed coronavirus were in good condition , and five days later – An epidemic was set in motion that had an unprecedented fury in human history. It’s about the physical survival of Europe’s population!

It is not yet clear where the decision to spark the panic was made

At the same time, hundreds of God-fearing laymen and ordinary fools flock to the churches to receive communion with a spoon. According to the canon, despite the declared state of emergency. True, the spoon is silver, but so were the spoons during the plague epidemic. Seniors scared of concomitant illnesses crowd into the post offices and shout:

Come virus, eat me!

Of course, specialists have the most balanced position.

Prof. Kosta Kostov: I can only pray that there are not too many seriously ill people

Professor Costa Kostov warns that the pandemic is unique in its magnitude and the global measures it causes, but we should not forget that for other reasons we face daily, thousands of people die every day around the world. The reactions of societies and politicians to the global threat are a measure of their maturity, a test of the readiness of health systems and politicians to meet this challenge. Prof. Radka Argirova notes that panic and fear appear, which is justified only when there are no protective clothing. Gloves and mask are sufficient for the ordinary case. The rate of increase of coronavirus patients is quite expected. Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangorov shares:

In more than 80% of cases, the progression is asymptomatic or with minimal symptoms. When enough immune populations have accumulated, the epidemic will decrease or stop. These measures are needed for a particularly dangerous infection, variola or Ebola in which the mortality rate is 60-70%. In the current situation, we’re just going to ruin the economy.

Without listening to the experts’ opinion, society is swirling in waves of panic, irresponsibility and voluntarism. Important decisions are made by persons and institutions with questionable competence. Dr. Stoycho Katsarov points out that instead of triggering the 2006 National Plan for the Flu Pandemic Preparedness, the country is governed by orders and decisions made by unknown people on dark ages. No National Pandemic Committee, no national policy, no regional policies, no masks, clothing, no trained doctors, nurses, paramedics, no resuscitators and resuscitators – a perfect storm of stupidity!

The consequences are unknown, but it is well known that every catastrophe is profitable, and as always the question arises, which was formulated succinctly by the wise Romans.

Who benefits?

The answer is extremely simple – to the usual two categories – the stewards of the money of others, politicians and clerks, and the traders in the health of others, adherents of chemical medicine.

The main argument for the devastating, to its extreme, actions to physically, socially and economically isolate the population is the allegation that there is no cure for coronavirus infection. All hope is again directed to the creation of a vaccine for which a flood of public resources is poured. Although it is clear that its application against COVID-19 will be possible when the epidemic is long gone. As with the SARS virus, which raged from winter 2002 to spring 2003 and suddenly disappeared between May and June. But then COVID-21 will be given, which will require another vaccine and billions more. So … until the end of the world or the end of stupidity!

And treatment exists – cheap, proven and effective. In this universal.

Intravenous administration of high doses of vitamin C.

Back in 1976, two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, along with Dr. Ewen Cameron has demonstrated successful results from the intravenous administration of high doses of Vitamin C (IVC), enhancing the survival of patients with advanced tumor disease. Subsequent studies have shown that IVC disrupts the blood supply to tumor cells, induces suicide, and reduces inflammation in the body. A number of studies have demonstrated a number of pharmacological effects including: reduction of oxidative stress (lack of antioxidants in tissues) associated with infection, stimulation of interferon production and other antiviral cytokines (small signaling proteins that regulate immune function and function) have anti-virus activity), influence on the inflammatory process, direct antiviral effect, etc. Based on 20 years of research experience in the high dose intravenous administration of Vitamin C, Dr. Hugh Riordan creates his own protocol (Riordan protocol) for the treatment of cancer, which is currently being used to treat infectious diseases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased interest not only in prevention methods but also in treatment options. On January 26, 2020, a specific protocol was proposed in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine detailing the capabilities of orthomolecular medicine, and in particular high-dose vitamin C treatment. by intravenous therapy (JCIT) acute viral infection (influenza, herpes zoster, common cold, measles, mumps, etc.). on March 3, 2020 Dr. Gifford-Jones, a graduate of The University of Toronto and The Harvard Medical School wrote:

I applaud the doctors at Wuhan Hospital who announced the start of a randomized, triple-blind clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of 12-24 grams per day of intravenous vitamin C. But the results will not be known for months. Meanwhile, people die unnecessarily. Don’t the Chinese health authorities know that there is enough research already? Why does the World Health Organization (WHO), with its vast resources and expertise, hesitate on this? Vitamin C is inexpensive, harmless and proven effective in reducing mortality from viral infections. Not to be given to patients with COVID-19 is close to a medical kill. Waiting for the results of this study to treat IVC patients contributes to useless death. If such a delay happened to a member of my family, I would classify it as criminal negligence and murder.

Ozone therapy in the treatment of viral infections

Studies on the therapeutic capabilities of ozone therapy date back more than a century. Ozone is widely popular and well documented, except for disinfection, sterilization and topical application to infected wounds and treatment of more than 114 diseases. Since 1950, German doctors have applied ozone therapy to malignancies, in combination with conventional therapies. Since 1980, medical attention has turned to the treatment of ozone by bacterial and viral infections. A number of reports have reported successful results in HIV, viral hepatitis, Ebola. Experimental and clinical studies have shown that ozone depletes viral envelope proteins as a potent oxidant. Ozone also induces the release of cytokines, the regulatory molecules of immune responses, from leukocytes. Stimulation of immune mechanisms significantly reduces circulating virions, mature viral forms. The healing effect also includes reducing the inflammatory process, improving cellular metabolism and improving the blood quality associated with the supply of tissues and cells with oxygen and the necessary nutritional and structural elements.

According to the results of an experiment conducted at the P3 National Laboratory in China, led by Prof. Li Zelin, ozone has been shown to be effective in the green monkey kidney SARS virus, achieving a kill rate of 99.22% . COVID-19, found in Wuhan and SARS, belong to one family of coronaviruses and have been shown to be 80% identical in their genomic sequences. It is therefore reasonable to anticipate that ozone may be equally effective in preventing and controlling infection with the new coronavirus. Prof. dr. Zhou Muzhi of Tokyo Keizai University writes in a great article

Ozone: A powerful weapon to fight the COVID-19 hearth:

Most airborne viruses, such as the flu virus, erupt in the fall and winter and disappear in the spring and summer, throughout human history . It almost seems that there is an invisible “hand of God” that blocks the spread of viruses, clears the epidemic and saves people. Experts around the world have done a number of studies to find out why this phenomenon occurs after it has been proven that temperature changes do not significantly affect viruses.

In this context, prof. Zhang Yue believes that ozone with its disinfectant and bactericidal capabilities can be a true “hand of God” and be accepted as an important weapon in the global fight against COVID-19 .
Biomagnetic therapy with magnetic pairs

In 1988, Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, a physiotherapist from Mexico, is launching a new medical science, Biomagnetism, and is building the theory and concept of Biomagnetic pair therapy, which is a step forward in our knowledge of the impact of the magnetic field on health of the human body. His studies have systematized the symptoms of various infections and linked them to specific points on the surface of the human body with disturbed magnetic polarity. Scanning the body with pairs of permanent magnets helps detect specific viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that, according to Dr. The Goiz find their alkaline or acidic niches for survival in the body, and through appropriately selected magnetic influences, a therapeutic effect is obtained for almost all infectious diseases. The experience gained so far from the practical application of bipolar biomagnetic therapy shows that significant results can be expected for the following diseases: allergies, anemia, asthma, sinusitis, acne, migraine, AIDS, arrhythmia, diabetes, hepatitis, herpes, acute and chronic infections , chronic fatigue, alzheimer’s, arthritis, rheumatism, impaired circulation, digestive disorders, lung diseases, skin diseases, menstrual disorders, glandular dysfunction, stress, Parkinson’s, high cholesterol, sexual disorders, infertility, meningitis, ulcers, depression, emotional problems, cancer (according to Dr. Goiz without prior chemo and radiation) and more.

The above considerations are not only theoretical, but are based on the clinical practice of the only Medical Center in Bulgaria, which treats chronic and oncological diseases using the methods of Integrative medicine. Since the establishment of the clinic in 2006, more than 6,000 patients, most in advanced stages of cancer, have gone through treatment practice.

The results obtained are unprecedented in world oncology and show remission in about 80% of cases

The majority of treated patients (over 90%) are in aggravated status and at high risk for seasonal viral infections and their complications, which pose a direct risk to their lives. Annually, in the months of seasonal viral infections, about 40% of patients are affected by them. The experience gained so far makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used to treat acute and chronic infections. For almost 15 years, none of the treated patients had a respiratory or other viral complication. With the methods used (intravenously administered high doses of Vitamin C, ozone therapy and BMT), each infection is usually eliminated within one week without toxicity and complications.

There is salvation from the perfect storm of stupidity and it is in our hands and mind.
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