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07hi this is Gerald Celente it’s Friday
011April 24th 2020 and here at Summit
015today’s trends in the news on the market
017front over there in Asia down over there
021in Europe down but here in the USSA
024that’s gone the Communist Chinese way
027where your leaders will tell you what to
030do what leaders a bunch of lowlife
032politicians well guess what the markets
035are up and you know when they really
038peaked up just like they’ve done on a
041lot of Fridays before right in the last
044few minutes of trading that’s right
047yes trading days ending the markets are
050going up couldn’t be that plunge
052Protection Team rigging the markets
055could it no no no stocks rose on Friday
058as oil prices clawed back even more of
12the historic losses from earlier in the
16while investors weighed the prospects of
19a potential coronavirus treatment you
112know what that is yeah got it
116what else did why else do they go it
118well the major averages have rallied
120more than 25 percent since late March
122with the s&p500 reach tracing about half
126of his downside move from an all-time
129high of Feb from February 19th February
134March April look at this in two months
137from the high and now it’s bounced back
140a little bit but look what’s going on
143this is really big the markets a rigged
146as I see it and so do by the way those
150our of our writers there Gregory
153Mannarino it was the stock market cat
156this whole thing here on Friday
158President Trump signed a four hundred
21and eighty four billion dollar relief
23bill to boost small businesses and
27hospitals you look at the number it
29boosted hospitals really small and you
212know where the money’s going
213it’s not going to small businesses quote
218the market is getting used to the fact
220that maybe it’s going to be late May
223maybe June before the economy is reopens
226and Daniel Deming from kkm Financial so
230the question underneath this market is
233whether there is enough stimulus enough
235liquidity to continue to support this
237market structure at this point the
240market appears to be OK with that but if
243we all of a sudden get into the middle
247of May and it looks like July or August
249before reopening that will be another
252issue for the market to deal with the
255markets are OK with that the markets to
258deal with if you get this in your head
30it’s bigger than the markets it’s all
34the people that are out of work the
36hundreds of millions because of all the
39lowlife parasites Polly tix politicians
316the people that are mentally deranged
320psychopaths sociopaths pathological
324liars running and ruining countries all
327over the world but their concern about
329what the markets will think and what
335else do we have staying right with the
337markets from the financial times to
340stories investors baffled by soaring
343stocks in monster depression the
347divergence between the high-flying stock
349market and the dying economy is so
351extreme is leaving many analysts
353scrambling for explanations
355what’s scrambling for an explanation the
358markets a rig to plunge protection team
41the Federal Reserve you see where the
44money is going
45you forgot about the repos the trillions
49of dollars they’re pumping into this
411thing and then there’s another one from
413the Financial Times US equity valuations
416reach near to decade to decade high
421after rally u.s. stock markets have
423surged over the past month despite the
427to corporate profits from coronavirus
430pushing one popular measure of equity
432valuation to its most expensive in
435nearly two decades the markets are way
441overvalued one industry after another
446going down again the markets have no
449relationship to reality it’s all a
452rigged game oil ends volatile weak lower
457despite nearly 50 percent jump Wow a 50
50percent jump over three days yeah
53jumping from what it was on negative on
56Monday crude prices rose Friday is
59energy producers continue to cut number
512of rigs drilling for oil in the United
514States and Canada both Brenton US crude
518benchmarks however remained on track for
520the third straight week of losses as
524global production shut downs failed to
527keep pace with the collapse in demand
530caused by the corona virus pandemic it’s
536not caused by the corona virus pandemic
539it’s caused by political parasites who
543close down the global economy and they
545keep repeating this line they blame it
548on the virus rather than the sick people
551and to be equal in these days me too
555don’t go after me the sick bastards and
559bitches that have destroyed the economy
63and the prostitutes the media whores
612that keep selling fear and hysteria so
618US oil closed at $16.95 up 50% 21 bucks
629for Brent crude that investors have sold
635again oil aggressively since early March
638in response to a 30% collapse in demand
641due to the pandemic not to the pandemic
644due to the politicians so that’s what
647you do by the way in trend forecasting
648you look at the words you look at the
650understanding because you could get very
653very taken off track by most of the
655people do by buying into the you got it
72well sure oil storage is currently
75nearly filled at 85% capacity and what
711else do we have
711o gold gold went down a little bit but
715it’s still over that seventeen hundred
718dollar mark and you know my forecasts on
720it and by the way not to forget you want
724to know where it’s going what’s gonna
725happen all that’s what’s going next
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89that is our goal our work we only put in
816the facts none of this political
820hysteria or I should say Prestitutes
825stereo so us gold futures settled it’s
829one thousand seven hundred and thirty
830five dollars an ounce for the week
833bullion has risen more than two percent
835again we’ll give you our forecast where
837it’s going bottoms and tops gold the
840safe haven investment during times the
842political financial uncertainty tends to
844benefit from widespread stimulus
845measures from central banks because this
848is widely viewed as a hedge against
850inflation and currency debasement that
852is from CNBC
855Oh kidding blow me away never would have
858figured that out again go back to our
91trends alert June 6th 2019 gold bull run
98has begun gold was $400 less back then
915and where else do we have here global
917economy hit by pandemic fight this is
922The Wall Street Journal
923it goes on today going saying the
925surveys on Thursday suggest government’s
929have effectively closed parts of the
932economy where face-to-face interaction
935is unavoidable such as restaurants and
937bars and activity has tumbled in parts
941of the economy less directly affected
944they go into the service sector the
946numbers are in the deep minuses this has
952never been seen before
953when you look at the surveys like a IHS
958market surveys in the eurozone the index
102dropped to 13.5 percent in April from
10629.7 in March over 50 is growth under 50
1012is decline again the dad is in you’ll be
1015in your trends journal again it’s a
1017weekly no other magazine like it and
1020your subscribers know it European labor
1025markets real 18 million and the numbers
1028came out we got 26 million already in
1031the United States out of work 18 million
1033in Europe and the numbers are much worse
1035but the good news because you know
1039Cilente be more positive solving a big
1042positive right American billionaires
1045have gotten two hundred and eighty
1047billion dollars richer since the start
1049of the covid nineteen pandemic isn’t
1052that great huh yeah and you look at the
1057data yeah in fact since 1980 the taxes
112paid by billionaires measured as the
114percentage of their wealth dropped
116seventy-nine percent
118and that’s according to the Institute
119for Policy Studies so it’s socialism for
1114the rich keep stealing our money keep
1117giving it to them – away with the
1119antitrust laws make them bigger make
1123them bigger cuz all we are are workers
1125in slavelandia as others cave
1129several public companies that took small
1132business loans are not giving back the
1135cash this is from CNBC despite outrage
1139on Main Street and new pressures from
1142the Treasury Department this week
1143several publicly traded companies that
1147receive payroll relief funds from the
1149Small Business Administration oppose
1151demands to return the cash you got it
1154all this money’s going to the big get
1157thrown out little crumbs to the people
1159and the story publicly traded companies
124what are we giving our money to publicly
126traded companies for what do I care if
129the airlines go bust United Airlines
1211American Airlines they treat you like
1213crap when they’re flying when they’re
1215making a lot of money they put in their
1217pockets when they lose money they steal
1220it from us because of the lowlife
1223politicians imbeciles and morons call it
1227campaign contributions adults call it
1231bribes and payoffs hey American goes out
1235a new company takes his place hey what
1237happened to Pan Am
1238TWA Allegheny all gone the bigs gobbled
1242up everything and you could thank that
1245other slimy little lowlife that
1247everybody loves Jimmy Khanna that’s
1252right he’s the one that deregulated the
1254airline industry when I was a young guy
1256flying over a hundred and fifty
1257different airlines and food you know
130what they used to compete on not prices
132no they’re all about level service it
137was fun to fly not anymore
1310why we bailing them out because the
1313politicians are stealing our money and
1316giving it to them yet got it a new
1321report shows
1322severity of covid 19 impact on hotel
1325industry 70% of employees laid off a
1328furloughed 8 and 10 hotel rooms empty
1332drop in tourism rocks southern Europe
1338the past month the hotel in Spain’s
1342third largest cities have suffered 95
1345percent cancellations hotels restaurants
1348souvenir shops surgery services and
1350myriad of other tourism linked
1351businesses across Europe face a similar
1354fate as summer approaches and the corona
1357virus pandemic continues the corona
140virus hysteria continues look at the
144numbers we’re still under a 200 thousand
147dead in the entire world as I speak out
1410of seven point seven billion people and
1413what the flu killed last year up 650,000
1418at but those are only numbers how many
1420died from the air pollution last year
1421only nine million and what about TB 1.5
1427million MGM hotels casinos posts big
1432decline in revenue gaps cash pile gets
1437dangerously low and they’re not paying
1438rents and either as staples and other
1442places like Burlington stores others
1446including JCPenney company Neiman Marcus
1449group have skipped interest payments
1453owed to bond holders the beers to cut
1458diamond production by 20% this year it
152diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend
153anymore and it’s going to keep getting
155worse but the good news is lock down
1510gives Domino’s a lift isn’t that great
1513huh Domino’s Pizza said it’s Us sales
1518accelerated in April as consumers stay
1520at home and their president said what’s
1523his name over here
1525chief executive Richard Allison you know
1529as time goes forward people start to get
1532a bit tired of cooking and eating the
1534same thing
1535the same thing you’re cooking you cook a
1538whole variety things I love to cook
1540I would never read Domino’s Pizza as an
1543Italian in Napoli Donna but anyway I
1547mention this because what’s one of the
1550big killers in America it’s taking
1553people down not only in America but all
1555over the world
1558the coronavirus is particularly unkind
161to those who are obese America’s obesity
169epidemic appears to be making the corona
1611virus outbreak more dangerous all the
1614data is in your trans Journal keep
1616eating those Domino’s pizzas and what
1619else do we have here remote workforce
1621boots Intel I’m mentioning that because
1624people ask me what the trends are where
1626they’re going a lot of it has to do with
1628work at home and other things and we’re
1630going to talk more about it on the
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1651we’re committed to the truth schools and
1654beaches are allowed to reopen in New
1656Zealand and Australia I want to read
1658this both countries have benefited from
172an early aggressive response to the
175pandemic you know what that is you got
178it the pandemic isn’t a pandemic like
1712they built it up to be
1713it’s one big hysteria the numbers prove
1718it oh the numbers come out 50,000 dead
1721in America yeah out of a population of
1724330 million and who’s dying well you
1727know who’s dying here we go
1731you know who’s dying I gave you one over
1733there was the people that are obese
1736covid 19 told tips tops 10,000 at health
1743care facilities this is according to The
1745Wall Street Journal and enough
1748of health care facilities in states
1750haven’t reported the deaths coming from
1754the elder care and health care place
1757where people are elder care and they’re
180chronically ill already and old
182California a being one of them and what
189else do we have here Oh scientists
1811question distance guidelines yeah
1813they’re all coming up with different
1814numbers they’re making this stuff up
1821California marks deadliest day of
1823outbreak look at that big headline whoa
1827how many people died hundred and fifteen
1830people and they’re not reporting how
1833many people are dying in elder health
1834care homes we’re talking one thousand
1838four hundred and sixty nine people dead
1840in California that’s locked down at a
1846population of 40 million could you do
1850the numbers how many people die every
1852day in California Oh makes no difference
1857because how about all those homeless
190people huh
193how about all those homeless people all
195over the streets in California if this
197thing was so deadly do that homeless
1910population be wiped out but they’re all
1913over they’re not dying from it they’re
1917in better shape then the elderly the
1920infirm the people that obese diabetics
1924and people’s but suffering from
1926respiratory ailments what happened four
1929hundred and eighty thousand people died
1930in the United States from smoking last
1934year millions infected Cuomo says New
1939York antibody tests suggest covid 19 you
1946was up to 2.7 million people could have
1950been infected 2.7 million people could
1953infected so that means the real death
1956rate that clown Cuomo was screaming out
201is way lower and that’s what they’re
205finding out over in LA County I talked
207about that in the trends Journal
208oh yeah the numbers are way higher well
2011if the numbers of infected away higher –
2014how come the number of debtors in
2015skyrocketing because of who it’s killing
2018again the obese diabetics respiratory
2022illness elderly – chronically ill and
2025speaking of Cuomo the daddy’s boy who
2029need named the Tappan Zee Bridge after
2031Papa oh and we know his brother Chris is
2034okay now on the cartoon news network hey
2037how come he didn’t die because of his
2042health conditions but we won’t talk
2045about that
2045New York will suffer thirteen point
2049three billion dollar revenue shortfall
2051from original forecasts due to chronic
2053virus Cuomo says this is today his is
2059quote and then this economic tsunami
212hits and you shut down all businesses
217everybody stays on did not getting a
2110paycheck they feel economic anxiety the
2116consequence to the state is the revenue
2119projections are way down not you shut
2124down all businesses you the guy that’s
2128always saying I shut down all businesses
2134Cuomo not you meaning us and you’re not
2139worried about the money because you’ve
2143been sucking off the public tit all your
2147life oh you remember when you would add
2149that guy over there with the Clinton
2152administration Health and Human Services
2154yeah playing governor you’re not worried
2159about the money and your little brother
221like you would be nowhere if Mario was
224in governor don’t say you did it meaning
228us you did it and you could care less
2212because you got all the money you want
2214like these other
2215lowlife politicians that steal our money
2218in the name of taxes diabetes lung and
2222heart disease common in us coronavirus
2225patients according to the center of
2227Disease Control all right that’s the
2232fact that’s the story where we going
2237what’s next this is unprecedented in
2241world history nothing like it so if you
2245want to know where the future setting
2246what to do how to best prevail and
2248prepare for what’s going on again the
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237this is Gerald Celente and that’s some
2310of today’s trends in the news
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