Dr. Stoyan Aleksov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Pathology

NO ONE DIED from a corona-virus (COVID-19).
The main conclusion of pathologists from Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain is that the k-virus is NOT deadly.
Unlike the flu, the k-virus does NOT cause death.
The WHO has instructed not to perform autopsies.
This behavior is criminal.

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I am talking to Associate Professor Stoyan Aleksov – President of the Bulgarian Association of Pathology, expert pathologist, who was our participant in an international webinar related to coronavirus infection and the pathologist’s point of view shared experience of many pathologists in Europe.
Doctor Aleksov, what are the main conclusions of the webinar?
The webinar on Friday afternoon focused on what is happening in the pathology wards and what needs to be done to prevent a so-called pandemic and whether we have accurate information on whether it is a pandemic or a epidemic.
Does it really kill the virus, how does it kill, what is the mechanism, what are the points of view in all organs and systems.
The good thing about the webinar is that it was held by the European Association of Pathology . It was attended by representatives from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland.
There were quite interesting questions that were discussed and the most important question is what is happening in Europe with the so-called corono viral infection, not an epidemic, not a pandemic, but an infection, because a lot of things were heard and a lot of things were climbed, but in after all, the most important thing people fear is not to die from the coronavirus.
The most important conclusion that was made by all pathologists in Europe is that autopsies performed in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland do NOT confirm that this virus is deadly.
Is there anything specific that distinguishes pathological picture from other viral infections?
I asked this question exactly to Professor Moh, because he presented the histological pictures of the deceased from the lungs, including electron microscopies, in-depth analyzes, which we cannot do in Bulgaria.
Is what he found- these helinic bodies in the endothelial cells, because it is clear that the virus causes endothelium-inflammation of the endothelium of the lung enzyme.
What happens to the first and second level on velocidite and whether there is any difference between a coronavirus death and a seasonal influenza epidemic.
He said that at this stage of what he saw, there was no difference between a viral infection at autopsy and a person who died of COVID 19 and died of seasonal inflammation, seasonal flu, more precisely. Viral inflammation.
But there is a very significant difference that is very important to know.
The two representatives from Italy – I asked 3 questions that were important: Is there a specific monoclonal antibody which we can use in pathology to prove that it is a coronavirus infection.
There is no such monoclonal body.
Is there another monoclonal antibody to show that we pathologists can diagnose coronavirus infection on autopsy, on biopsy?
There is no such thing.
In Bulgaria we have 3 autopsies.
They are made by Doctor Byanova.
She is the head of Pirogov’s department.
She is extremely high quality pathologist, extremely knowledgeable and capable.
She asked the same questions to experts from Italy and Spain, because there is the big scourge, so to speak.
There are no specific monoclonal ones. There is nothing specific.
All pathologists who have done autopsies found that NOONE DEAD FROM CORONAVIRUS.
None of the coronavirus died.
Now everyone who listens to me will say, this thing is not good.
We have criteria and standards for making diagnoses, both biopsy and necropsy at autopsies.
The protocols say the following: Primary disease, secondary disease, tertiary disease cause of death.
When we say that a patient has died from a coronavirus, it means that the coronavirus has led to interstitial pneumonia, which subsequently led to death in the absence of other diseases of other organs and systems.
Such a thing has NOT been found, seen or reported at this stage.
For me, this is a primary question from the very beginning of coronavirus infection, the inadequate behavior of the WHO.
This is the first time such a thing has happened to me in my nearly 30 years of practice as a doctor – WHO to declare a pandemic before there is evidence of such a thing.
And not an epidemic, but a pandemic.
Because a pandemic means that people infected with a coronavirus infection will die a lot, as has been declared by many heads of state around the world.
Yes, but we pathologists are the ones who cannot be scared by a dead person.
We deal with dead people every day.
You say there is manipulative publication of information?
Absolutely manipulative presentation of information.
Nothing to do with reality.
Even the coronavirus infection, which fellow virologists in the world, because the world works in the laboratory sector, where there are all sorts of laboratories and colleagues talk.
That’s why it wasn’t important for me to say what I thought about it, because I’m nobody.
It is important that colleagues who have a lot of experience, who work together with virologists, bacteriologists, infectious disease specialists, what is the opinion of those who have died, whether they really died of a coronavirus infection, and not with the exact term, many died in Italy. , both in Spain and in Germany also die WITH coronavirus infection, against the background of an extremely severe general picture.
Is it correct to make such a comparison.
Every year we have a seasonal virus that affects 200-300 thousand people in our country who have had the flu.
Can we prove the flu in the laboratory.
If we treat it as we treat the coronavirus, does that mean that any person we have proven to have had a flu infection has died, no matter what they had during that period to attribute it to the FLU?
We will get the same picture we get from the coronavirus.
On the contrary.
We have a very big difference between seasonal flu epidemics and the coronavirus epidemic.
Seasonal flu epidemics are killing really young people.
This is the huge difference, as long as we do not have young people who have died from the so-called coronavirus pandemic.
Which is a huge difference.
Because it is one thing to find a virus that has caused the death of a young person and we have no other diseases. It is another thing not to find such a thing and say, for example, that he has a myocardial infarction, has long-standing diabetes, long-term hypertension.
The man is 78 years old, there are almost no organs or systems that are not damaged and we can say that this coronavirus infection is extremely difficult to treat.
Such a thing does not happen.
That is, coronavirus infection is also an infection that does NOT lead to death.
Flu epidemics lead to death.
The differences are huge.
A person with a heart attack and flu can also write to him, because his death is due to the flu, as we prescribe to the coronavirus, right?
It is now known that there is such an offensive of total resistance of all pathologists in Europe, China, Australia, America, Canada that fellow pathologists are pressured to write that once a patient has a coronavirus, the cause of death is nothing but a coronavirus infection. It is quite stressful for me, because we have protocols and we have to follow specific requirements at autopsy.
Moreover, when an autopsy is performed, necrostic material is taken from all organs and systems.
They are inserted into paraffin blocks and these paraffin blocks after 100 years can be re-examined by other pathologists.
And they say these pathologists 100 years ago were very bad.
That is, we have absolutely no right and must be absolutely unceremonious with the diagnosis, because our diagnoses can be verified after 100, 200 or 300 years.
The WHO has made sure that we do NOT do autopsies.
The question is why they don’t want us to do autopsies when we have to prove how virulent this strain of RNA is, it really kills.
BUT apparently the WHO has pretty good information that this virus doesn’t kill.
In fact, is this the reason why autopsies are not performed in Bulgaria?
They follow the WHO recommendations.
But unfortunately we follow the recommendations without even thinking.
But countries like Germany, France, Italy, England are skeptical.
They say we have to be sure when we write something and when we say it is true and of course when we have information from countries like Spain, Germany, England, Switzerland, who say we do not find anyone who has died of coronavirus .
Did you find anyone?
Then we begin to ask ourselves internationally what exactly is at stake? Where is the problem? Who is making the problem.
Here is an instruction from the WHO, which shows that they instruct all countries in each case where a coronavirus is detected, a positive PCR test, to be declared infected and therefore died of coronavirus infection, regardless of the presence of other diseases.
This confirms the thesis you said.
I do not know if this is for any epidemiological purpose to understand the true scale of the problem.
But even so, the way it is applied leads to panic all over the world.
Because the announcement of all cases of death from coronavirus gives the nature of the spread of infection, which scares people.
It’s starting to look like a dangerous infection, but it’s not.
Mortality is not so high.
I can make a comparison with the previous viral infection in January and the subsequent coronavirus.
The differences are huge.
In January and February, young people did die from a flu epidemic that was very aggressive, and both children and people of working age really died.
While here we have completely different dimensions that have nothing to do with reality.
For me, this behavior of the WHO is criminal behavior and I sign with both hands that it is absolutely unacceptable for the WHO to create chaos in the whole world, given that there is no evidence of such a thing.
We have worked with infectious disease specialists for many years.
In Bulgaria they are forgotten people, just as we are forgotten.
There are no paths, you see hospitals closing, we have to be quite precise, because if an internist is not an infectious disease specialist, he is a weak internist.
We know we are currently working on physical evidence medicine, so I ask the WHO where your physical evidence is.
Why don’t you want physical evidence.
The physical evidence of mortality is that provided by pathologists.
We had such a program from the 90s, where associate professor Chavdar Georgiev, when someone died of HIV, he walked, did an autopsy, took material from all organs and systems to see what the damage was.
We already have a lot of interesting developments and information about the trench, what is happening with HIV, with tuberculosis, which is a particularly dangerous infection, with many other infections that we face every day.
And pathologists from both Germany and Switzerland, France, published a decree of the European Parliament’s health commission that we must comply with this directive for particularly dangerous infections because of the coronavirus, but we have such a directive, it is a 1919 recommendation.
After the so-called Spanish flu, when 10 to 12 percent of the population died from it.
That is, the active working population between 10 and 50 years old.
This is the mortality they wanted to have or I can’t imagine how we can talk about mortality when they are completely different.
We currently have 70,000 dead.
What does 70,000 die over the age of 70?
The key here is that he really had to do an autopsy on all these deceased elderly people to see why they died of coronavirus.
What is the reason FROM or WITH coronavirus?
What led to this condition?
That is, to go back, because there are suspicions that say that coronavirus infection in Italy has led to so many deaths, thanks to the fact that they were vaccines with a vaccine for H1N1, which sucks the immunity of the elderly and from there already causes this huge number of deaths.
But it must be said that in fact, thanks to such a vaccine or other vaccine that we give to the back of the head leads to mortality.
This could be clarified, but there may still be time to clarify it.
Now we may be missing the point that through autopsies we could take a large amount of lung tissue for examination.
We will do our research.
But more than 80% of these paraffin blocks will rot.
Maybe in 20-30 years, when there is another such pandemic or epidemic and we can make a comparison of the lung picture from then and now and because coronavirus infection if people do not know there is a long time ago.
What our fellow pathologists have provided us from China is that there have been epidemics since 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2017, 2018.
What is the difference between these epidemics and this epidemic.
I am not talking about a pandemic because WE do not have any data on a pandemic.
That is why the statement of the WHO that things are very bad is absolutely unfounded.
I have never seen such an advertisement for a virus.
I don’t know if it’s a lack of professionalism or other reasons, but it’s obviously a contradiction in their behavior.
I would like to end with another aspect, very important, about the way this panic affects people who do not have coronavirus but have other diseases.
People who need medical care, and they seem to have suffered from the entire resource of health systems are directed to the coronavirus.
They are afraid to go to the doctor. The authorities have banned preventive examinations and scheduled operations. This can be a more serious health problem than the corona virus itself.
In short, more people can die from other diseases than from coronavirus because the health system has abandoned them in a matter of months.
That’s not 100, you’re 200 percent right.
I can say with absolute certainty that this statement of yours is absolutely true, because we all know that stress reduces immunity.
So without exception, all chronic diseases will be exacerbated.
All cancers, over 50 percent, will become invasive.
For example, this epidemic is not so much a virus as an epidemic of fear in humans.
Not everyone is a pathologist like me so they cannot understand that this is nothing special.
Give an approximate example.
How was it before it was announced?
Our work has been reduced by about 90 percent.
In some hospitals it has reached 100 percent, in other hospitals 50 percent, but in general the minimum is 50 percent.
Let me clarify that pathologists are the last resort in medicine.
This is the Supreme Court of Causation.
They give the final diagnosis.
It is, or is NOT, cancer, and in fact all the tests, until the pathologist rules, it is a suspicion that you have one or another cancer.
And all laboratory tests go to the pathologist and he decides – malignant or not cancer.
This is key to diagnosing these diseases.
That’s right.
The pathology includes histology, immune molecular pathology.
This is another example of cyto smears, which we recommend for women who have a problem at 3 months.
After 6 months, she has already developed cancer, which means that instead of giving 5 leva for prevention and getting rid of the problem early, we create an even bigger problem, both medical, financial and psychological.
And the risk is that people didn’t come because they were afraid of being infected.
And in this line of thought.
Imagine that the WHO said he had died of a coronavirus.
This means directing the judge to say that this man was shot with 10 bullets, but let’s stop the trial because he committed suicide.
The PCR is positive.
Yes, the PCR is positive and it is more likely that he died of a coronavirus.
We have a lot of such cases.
In the USA, a man pushed by a bus, a severe craniocerebral trauma, has been in the intensive care unit for 3 days, but his PCR is positive.
Accordingly, he had died of a coronavirus infection.
Such outrages, heavy.
This is not medicine.
What worries me is that once this simplicity is over, because it is a unique simplicity with this coronavirus, there will be a big drop in patients’ trust in doctors.
This is something we cannot measure now.
This will be a big problem for the future, because how would you feel if someone told you that I could do anything, I would operate on him, I would cure him and at one point you could not cure a coronavirus infection, but you would talk to me. for severe things like cancers, etc.
We have and are working on cancers caused by viral infections.
But no one says that thing.
There is much more, even in lung cancer, which is caused by human papillomavirus infection.
Someone said there was a problem.
Now they say – put on masks.
Around 1.5 milIlion people per year die from lung cancer caused by nicotine.
Somewhere there should be an ordinance for everyone to stop smoking.
If after 1-2 years a dangerous infection really appears?
I am also afraid of such a thing.
People will not believe.
And from this point of view, there can be adverse consequences.
That’s right. I’ve talked to virologists that global warming will trigger some well-buried or frozen viruses in some parts of the world that humanity has never encountered.
Then things will get scary.
And once we’ve lied to people, we’ve taken away their trust in us, and if such a DNA infection, not RNA, really happens, then what are we going to do?
Here is an elementary example: Ebola, which we know from last year, normally it is not an infection that affects humans, ie.
Here we need to see how American legislation will work. In terms of how viruses are manipulated, what is being done to create the so-called vaccine.
Because a vaccine against RNA virus will NOT be made.
That’s 100 percent sure.
The question is what Bill Gates does with his labs.
Does he really make vaccines or does some other things.
However, let’s leave this question to the FBI, KGB, etc.
Let’s stay in the field of medicine.
And leave the conspiracies to the conspirators.
We may or may not understand how things stand.
Thank you for the conversation.
HAVE DIED WITH coronavirus, but not FROM coronavirus.
There is no need for pandemics or epidemics.
This is what our colleagues from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France have said.

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