Letter to Aunt Marion and Uncle Albert Gull June 17, 2002

This is a letter to Aunt Marion and Uncle Albert Gull June 17, 2002, from Gene Roloff.

Marion and Al Gull
9518 N Atlantic St
Spokane, WA 99218-2106

Dear Marion and Al,

It is time that you heard the rest of the story — not just Marie’s (Cheatham) version.

I have enclosed with this letter a 3-inch CD with over two hundred pages of documents. Most of these documents have been filed in Superior Court in Clark Country, Washington, and have been delivered to or generated by Marie (Cheatham nee Roloff). A copy center should be able to print the documents for you if you don’t want to look at them on a computer.

I am also aware of Marie’s spin on letters that I wrote to Mom shortly after Dad died. Those letters were not addressed to Marie, and I am still puzzled as to how Marie obtained them. It does not make sense to me that Mom would have handed them to her with the intention of hurting Marie. I was trying to address my concerns privately between Mom and myself. I never contacted Marie or talked to Marie directly.


June 17, 2002 Letter to Marion and Albert Gull