Christchurch-Mosque-Shooting March 15, 2019

This is a list of scenes and action from the helmet camera of the person alleged to have shot many people at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15, 2019.

Al Noor Mosque

I cannot determine whether the video was edited and whether it is a true and accurate reflection of actual events.

Dateline: March 20, 2019

  • Minutes : Seconds from the start of the video.
  • 0:00 Shooter was driving in a car with a helmet cam on.
  • 1:21 Serbian language music starts playing.
  • 3:07 Shooter parked the car on the left side of the road.
  • 3:10 Shooter removed helmet and pointed the camera at his face. He says something – two syllables. The focus is good.
  • 4:24 Shooter drove away from parking.
  • 4:49 Serbian music stopped.
  • 4:51 Another music started with flute playing the melody.
  • 5:03 Driver turned left and drove down a one-lane road which leads to an apartment building parking area.
  • 5:22 Shooter turned the car around and drove back to the main road stopping a couple of meters from the sidewalk. Three people walked by left to right.
  • 5:57 Shooter stopped the car and got out. He was holding a rifle in his right hand. It is in an alley with wooden fence on the left and light-color concrete block wall on the right.
  • 6:05 Shooter opened back door. (Outback. Light color. License KSH90)
  • 6:08 Shooter took another rifle (or shotgun) out of the back from the floor. There were two red 5-liter petrol containers in the back.
  • 6:15 Shooter walked forward on the right side. It was a four-door sedan.
  • 6:17 There were five boxes on the wall and an outside lamp.
  • 6:20 At the street he turned right and walked on the sidewalk. There was open and solid fencing on the right. The street parking was full.
  • 6:25 There was a marker cone in the street in front of the entrance.
  • 6:27 Shooter turned right at the car path entrance and went through the open gates. (Why didn’t he drive to the front door?)
  • 6:37 Shooter walked near the front entrance, pointed his shotgun at the open front door. He had not passed the outside garden.
  • 6:38 He walked towards the open front door and fired 9 times before he reached the doorway.
  • 6:43 He threw his shotgun on the floor on the right of the doorway and started using a new rifle. (I name the shotgun rifle one.)
  • 6:48 He fired the 2nd rifle. (The number 14 is written twice on the top of the rifle. There is a flashing light on the front of the rifle.)
  • 6:50 Someone ran away on the room on the right. The shooter turned and fired at him. He did not fall down and disappeared on the right in the hallway.
  • 6:52 Shooter turned back to the long hall he entered and fired at someone who disappeared on the left.
  • 6:56 Shooter entered a large rectangular room, wider than deep and shot more. One body is laying face down on the floor with dark clothes and white socks perhaps. No blood was visible.
  • 6:58 Shooter turned to the right in the room. Two people were visible. Everything was blurry – out of focus.(Considering all the money spent on the rifles it is strange that the shooter didn’t buy a helmet cam with automatic focus.) The shooter fired eight times. The person didn’t fall down. Shooter panned to the right towards the entrance while firing. Nobody was filmed falling down. (The video in the car and on the street was much clearer. It became fuzzy before he started firing at the front entrance.)
  • 7:00 Shooter turned back 180 degrees and shot again in the same area.
  • 7:03 A man ran toward the shooter and he fired at him at point-blank range. With a high-powered rifle, there should be huge amounts of blood splatter. There was no blood visible and not a drop on the camera.
  • 7:06 Shooter fired 56 times without changing the cartridge.
  • 7:09 Shooter walked back towards the entrance.
  • 7:15 Shooter appeared to load a new cartridge.
  • 7:19 Shooter was back at the earlier rectangular room. No blood was visible around the earlier fallen body.
  • 7:20 Shooter shot 3 times at an unrecognizable blob.
  • 7:27 Shooter appeared to change the cartridge. The picture is extremely fuzzy. He walked down the hall and turned back to the room.
  • 7:37 Shooter shot again 25 times at the same unrecognizable blobs.
  • 7:46 Shooter changed the cartridge. The picture is extremely fuzzy.
  • 7:50 A brief moment of a clear picture. No blood was visible anywhere.
  • 7:57 Shooter changed the cartridge again without shooting anything from the previous cartridge.
  • 8:03 Shooter shot again 10 times at the same unrecognizable blobs.
  • 8:09 Shooter changed the cartridge. The picture is extremely fuzzy.
  • 8:13 A person ran toward the front exit. The shooter fired 3 times at him and he appeared to fall down, but it was difficult to be sure because the picture is extremely fuzzy.
  • 8:17 Shooter found a man hiding behind a pillar and shot him 2 times and then fired into the apparently dead bodies next to him 6 times.
  • 8:25 Shooter walked back toward the front entrance.
  • 8:40 Shooter changed the cartridge. The picture is extremely fuzzy.
  • 8:45 Two bodies were shown on the floor near the entrance. No blood was visible. There was a shoe rack on the right. You must remove your shoes before entering. The first rifle was visible on the floor.
  • 8:46 Shooter walked out the front door.
  • 8:57 Shooter walked out the front gate, turned right on the sidewalk and fired his rifle 27 times. It cannot be seen what he is shooting at. You can see the empty shell casings eject from the right and disappear before they hit the ground.
  • 9:06 Shooter turns 180 degrees looking down the sidewalk from whence he came and fired his rifle 27 times. It cannot be seen what he is shooting at. You can see the empty shell casings eject from the right and disappear before they hit the ground.
  • 9:09 Shooter started walking and went back to his car. The back door of his car was still open.
  • 9:25 Four tall apartments are visible over the wooden fence.
  • 9:31 Shooter takes the 3rd rifle from the back of the car while the 2nd rifle was on the ground. Shooter neglected to pick up the 1st rifle as he went out the entrance.
  • 9:40 Shooter picked up one petrol container and walked on the sidewalk past the 1st mosque. He didn’t seem to be carrying the container later.
  • 10:00 Shooter stopped and turned right looking into a parking area through an open gate with cars parked on the left next to a 6-foot fence. He started firing at nothing from the sidewalk. A 2nd cartridge was visible on the right of the rifle. He fired 12 times at nothing.
  • 10:09 Shooter turned 90 degrees left looking down the sidewalk. The road was full of parked cars. Cannot identify the blob in the distance.
  • 10:12 Shooter turned 180 degrees looking down the sidewalk. The road was full of parked cars.
  • 10:17 Shooter started speaking. The shooter turned 90 degrees left and started walking into the driveway. He stopped and fired 5 times at nothing.
  • 10:25 Shooter walked into the driveway and parking area.
  • 10:28 Shooter turned 90 degrees to the right and walked into the parking area, which was full of cars. He walked back to the main entrance where he was shooting before. His 1st rifle was visible on the ground. Two men are laying on the ground, but no blood was visible.
  • 10:34 Shooter walked into the entrance hallway.
  • 10:37 Shooter walked further into the entrance hallway. A man was lying on the ground. No blood was visible.
  • 10:44 Shooter walked further into the entrance hallway to the large rectangular room where he had been earlier. A man was lying on the ground. No blood was visible. (6:56 he was first visible on the ground.)
  • 10:47 Shooter turned and fired his rifle at a man sitting up on the floor in the distance and 5 more times at apparently dead bodies. (Why didn’t the shooter walk up close and shoot them for a better video effect?)
  • 10:54 Shooter walked close to a group of apparently dead bodies, but no blood was visible.
  • 10:56 Shooter fired at close range, but no blood splatter or leaking on clothes was visible. The faces of the people were not visible.
  • 11:08 This is at least the 3rd time he shot these people. They didn’t show any sign that they were still alive. Still, no blood was visible.
  • 11:09 Shooter wandered around the mosque, not finding anyone to shoot.
  • 11:19 Shooter shot a dead man again. Still, no blood was visible.
  • 11:24 Shooter shot another man in the same room twice. No blood was visible.
  • 11:26 Shooter shot people again 6 times. Still, no blood was visible.
  • 11:38 Shooter walked down the hall towards the entrance.
  • 11:43 Shooter walked out the front entrance.
  • 11:44 Wagon on the left, license FGB892. Wagon on the left, license CWA868:
  • 11:47 Shooter fired twice from the entrance at a person walking to the sidewalk.
  • 11:49 Shooter walked to the sidewalk.
  • 11:53 Shooter turned 90 degrees left and fired twice at something lying on the sidewalk.
  • 12:05 Shooter approached the person on the road next to the sidewalk and fired twice again at very close range. The person is face down.
  • 12:09 Shooter walked to the back of his car. The back door was still open. The 2nd rifle was still on the ground.
  • 12:13 Shooter closed the back car door.
  • 12:18 Shooter got in the car with his 3rd rifle. Apparently, he left the 2nd rifle on the ground.
  • 12:22 Three more rifles were visible on the passenger side floor.
  • 12:28 He appeared to drive over the body on the road, which was not visible from inside the car, as he drove out.
  • 13:10 Shooter shot a shotgun at the front window a three times. This should have bounced back off of the glass causing damage to the shooter. Those appear to be blanks. The shooter also shot at the passenger window to break it. Only driving video after that.
Brenton Harrison Tarrant


  • There were several large windows in the rooms where the shooting was happening. Why didn’t anyone break them and run away?
  • The shooter left two weapons at the scene. This helped the police to find him because of registration.
  • The shooter blocked the driveway to the apartment complex and left his back door in the up position. Anybody trying to get out or into the apartment parking or walking by on the sidewalk could have seen the rifles in the back and on the passenger floor. They could have taken them or called the police.
  • Standing on the sidewalk in front of the Mosque and shooting the rifle multiple times should have drawn attention to nearby people who should have called the police.
  • Re-entering the mosque after the first shooting made it more likely that police would arrive before he departed.
  • This video has many similarities to a video game.
  • The images from outside the mosque appear similar to Street View in Google Maps.
  • It is strange that the shooter would put a facial closeup of himself at the beginning of the video and not write his name, address, phone number and Facebook account on a paper and video that.

How to find the video online

Since Google, Facebook and Youtube have conspired to make this video hard to find I found this link by using the Russian version of Google — Russia is not participating in the blocking that U.S. entities are doing. Search for “christchurch mosque shooting video”. Using Google Chrome you can right-click the page and translate it to English.

After you open a web page that is playing the video, click the pause button at the lower left of the video. Then right-click on the video and select “Save Video As…”. Windows will pop up a file dialog so you can specify in what directory to save it and the file name.

You can play this video with any mp4 player. I use VLC media player. It allows the speed to be reduced as low as 25%.

Better in-depth commentary

Ole Dammegard did a one-hour and forty-minute commentary on the CHRISTCHURCH, NZ mosque shooting and integrated this event with many similar others. As of this writing it is available on youtube.