Recommended Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Adults

For this high quantity of Vitamin C I recommend spreading out the intake several times during the day.

Also, there is another form of Vitamin C that is about five times more effective so that you can reduce the quantities by a factor of five. That form of Vitamin C can be purchased at the following website:

ItemAmt per dayUnit____________
B1 Thiamine75mg milligram
B12 Cobalamin75mcg microgram
B2 Riboflavin75mg milligram
B3 Niacinamide700mg milligram
B3 Nicotinic Acid100mg milligram
B5 Pantothenic acid75mg milligram
B6 Pyridoxine75mg milligram
B7 D-Biotin600mcg microgram
B9 Folic acid1200mcg microgram
C (sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid )18000mg milligram
Chromium200mcg microgram
D3 cholecalciferol1500IU
E as natural mixed tocopherols (two 400 IU capsules)800IU
Magnesium citrate500mg milligram
Pancreatin4000mg milligram
Selenium75mcg microgram
Zinc100mg milligram

Most of these items were recommended by Dr. Andrew Saul on his websites  and


Dated October 6, 2018